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  • Emira Tufo

Meu Meu!

Never mind the Neon Bible, the neon cone has come alight! Never mind the rain and temperature: by Meu Meu time, it's summertime!

Come all ye faithful for gigantic scoops of custard! Through chilly autumns, harrowing winters and drizzly springs, the city lies in wait for summer: those three explosive months of music and dance and theater festivals, park picnics and backyard parties, fireworks and flip-flops, tawdry fairs hawking sausage, shoes and paperbacks on Avenue Mont-Royal and Boulevard St-Laurent. Summer can be demanding in Montreal because, conceivably, you *could* do it all.

Last summer, I went on a mission: to taste each of Meu Meu's 30-something flavors, plus the blizzard. From Dutch chocolate and cherry cheesecake, I licked my way to raisin rum and salty caramel. Then came lavender and honey, followed by mango and ginger. I ate pear and mulberry, matcha and maple syrup. There was balsamic reduction and rose confetti, cardamom and something called tamarin. Through hibiscus and coconut, I plowed my way toward the finish line. By the time I arrived at pistachio, it was well within sight. And then, I gave up, bloody hell, because I LIKE VANILLA. Know thyself and avoid your trial by custard.

This coming summer, I have a new mission: from La Diperie and Ripples to Kem CoBa and Bilboquet, I will be tasting all the vanilla in town: find yourself and then refine, refine, refine...

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