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We’ve been thinking about this for a long time: what Montreal looks like from the inside, from the inside out, and from outside looking in.  Lawyering by day and writing by the moonlight, we created this blog to draw intimate maps of the city that has become home over the course of a decade.



Emira is the 2019 CBC/Quebec Writers' Federation writer-in-residence. She has written for  The Globe and Mail and has been featured on CBC radio's Homerun and All in a Weekend.  She writes about the quips and quirks of her paradise city where the grass is green and all things are pretty. 


Leslie is a human rights lawyer and writer-in-residence at her her (rather large) home desk, where she mines the Interweb for buried treasure while working on her first speculative fiction novel, occasionally  gazing out her window   at the  drastic pot-holes in the  street, wondering  when there will ever be world peace.


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